Caswell County, NC gets refreshed with MunicipalCMS

With some website companies, a four-year-old contract means a four-year-old website. With MunicipalCMS, four years means a new you!
As a MunicipalCMS client, you may never have to rebuild your website again. Not only do you have access to all of our e-government tools from the start, but we also have a two-fold process to insure that your website continues to meet your needs for years to come.

Technology Updates
All improvements, software updates, and new tools and features are included as part of the annual agreement. This means that your website will automatically have the latest tools and features as long as you continue your partnership with MunicipalCMS.

Design Refreshers
MunicipalCMS is committed to keeping your online image fresh and exciting—no matter how long you’ve been a client. With our design refresher, your site can look like new again every 48 months!

In 2017, Caswell County, North Carolina celebrated four years with MunicipalCMS. The county is proudly showing off its newly refreshed, mobile-friendly website design. 

See it now at!

To find out how you can get onboard with the latest e-government tools and free design updates,  contact MunicipalCMS today!