Peculiar, Missouri website serves up registrations, reservations, and more

Whether registering as a vendor for the farmer's market or signing up for yoga class, the city of Peculiar puts registration at citizens' finger tips 24/7.
From artists wishing to sell their work at the farmer's market to young athletes registering for team sports, residents of Peculiar, Missouri have a world of options at their fingertips thanks to the city's new online parks and rec registration system.

With family accounts, signing up multiple family members for various activities is as easy as click-and-go. No need to fill out the same information over and over. No need to drop by city hall. Day or night, weekday or weekend, residents and non-residents can quickly sign up and pay for classes and programs in minutes.

The city also offers online reservations for its shelters and facilities, making one-stop-shopping the new order of business in Peculiar.

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