e-Government Suite

Our e-Government SuiteTM incorporates a host of features designed to simplify e-government functions for our clients.

Agendas and Minutes 
Maintain a fully searchable archive of agendas and minutes for multiple committees and councils. Expand your data center to include council packets, supporting documents, audio recordings, and video recordings.

Provide instant public access to bid requests. Schedule start and end dates. Combine with E-Notifications to let potential bidders know the instant a new bid is posted.

Calendar of Events
Keeping the public informed about upcoming events could not be easier. Our dynamic calendar tool automatically removes outdated items, provides links to more detailed information about any event, and can be incorporated into any page of your website. Features include:
  • Recurring events function
  • Add photos, links, or documents
  • Automatically link to an Agenda document
  • Automatic archiving
  • Integrate with E-Notifications and RSS
  • Create calendars for any department 
  • Search the calendar by keyword
  • Restrict the use of calendar categories to specific staff members
  • Control which type of events are included on any page of the site
  • Insert departmental calendars on any page of the site
  • Apply different calendar formats including standard monthly calendar or event listing
Document Manager
Store your publicly available documents in a central location where users can quickly locate and download them. To eliminate broken links, the Document Manager prevents deletion of documents that are linked within the site and provides a list of pages containing links to a given document. The Document Manager accepts standard document formats such as Word, Excel, and more.

Help citizens stay informed by signing up to receive email notices for select categories of your alert system. Bids, jobs, news, and more, you set the categories, notifications are automatically sent when you add new information. Users can change their settings or unsubscribe online at any time.  Learn more about our Automated Email Notifications.

Form Builder
With Form Builder, you can quickly develop online forms without any programming knowledge or special software. In fact the Form Builder's preset fields allow you to instantly create a contact form for any department or program. Or, add customized question and answer boxes by simply selecting the type of field you would like to use—choose from single answer, multiple answer, text boxes, and more. You can mark required fields and even set default answers with no programming knowledge at all. Choose different recipients for each form, or multiple recipients for a single form.

Job Postings
Set publish and archive dates for job postings. Automatically notify subscribers of new posts with E-Notifications. Expand the possibilities with an applicant tracking system to accept applications online and allow registered applicants to update their existing profiles.

News Archives 
Post and auto-archive the latest news and information from your city. Post departmental news on selected pages of your site. Expired news is automatically retired to the archive page.

Online Payments
Integrate payment processing to give citizens easy payment options for application fees, traffic tickets, utilities, taxes, and more.  Learn more about Online Payments.

Recreation Management
From Parks and Recreation program registrations to park shelter and room rentals, schedule reservations online reducing paperwork and staff involvement.  Learn more about our Recreation Management tools.

Request Center
The Request Center allows citizens to report minor problems or request information or assistance from the city through easy-to-use online forms. From reporting potholes to requesting a residence check while a homeowner is away on vacation, the Request Center opens up a 24/7 helpdesk for residents. 

Simply define request categories, designate recipients for each inquiry type, and requests are automatically forwarded to the appropriate department, employee, or organization to insure proper handling.